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The International Santa Claus Collection Pancho Navidad, Mexico

The International Santa Claus Collection Pancho Navidad, Mexico

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1993 Pancho Navidad 

Approx 5"

In Mexico, Santa Claus often goes by the name Pancho Navidad. Pancho Navidad crept into Mexican Christmas lore rather recently, but he is gaining popularity every year. Pancho Navidad does not traditionally bring gifts in Mexico. Instead, the pinata is the source of Christmas goodies. The pinata is a clay vessel shaped like an animal and covered with bright colored tissue. Mexican children take turns striking at. the Pinata with a stick while blindfolded. When the Pinata is broken, candy and trinkets fly out.

Christmas festivities begin in Mexico nine days before December 25. Each day a different home in the village serves as the "posadas," a word meaning lodgings. A procession is formed to reenact the journey of Mary and Joseph into Jerusalem. The procession is accompanied by a guitar and Christmas carolers.

When the group arrives at the preselected posadas, they place figures representing the holy family onto a temporary altar. After this ceremony, celebrations continue for the rest of the evening.


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