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Ceramic Pottery Donabe (Nabe) Pot

Ceramic Pottery Donabe (Nabe) Pot

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Ceramic Pottery Donabe (Nabe)Pot

Donabe casseroles are commonly used to cook Nabe. Donabe can bring out more flavor of the ingredients to enrich the taste of Nabe than metal pots. This is because Donabe conducts heat slowly to extract the flavor. Also, Donabe produces less air bubbles during cooking. This prevents the ingredients falling apart while boiling.

However, a brand-new Donabe cannot be used immediately. Donabe has a number of tiny invisible holes on its surface to absorb water. These holes should be clogged in advance not to let the water come in during cooking; otherwise, mold formation and smell transfer will occur. This procedure of clogging holes is called “Medome”.

10" X 4" X 7"

Imperfections pictured


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