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Large Ceramic Cigar Ashtrays, Sold Separately

Large Ceramic Cigar Ashtrays, Sold Separately

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These classic porcelain ashtrays are with Cohiba design insets and grooves. They hold 4 cigars, are glazed in heavy lacquer and are kiln cured. It's flame proof so you'll never have a stain, and the lacquered finish gives it a high-gloss shine that also makes it easy to clean. It features a deep dish so ashes stay where they are supposed to, and wide slots for holding cigars of every ring gauge. These porcelain ashtrays complement any cigar smoker's home or office. They come equipped with wide cigar rests and a windproof deep dish. Their bottom finish is smooth and will not scratch any surface you place it on.

Dimensions of ashtrays: 10"H x 7"W x 3.5"D


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