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The Real Co

The Real Co Pink Himalayan Salt Cooking Slab

The Real Co Pink Himalayan Salt Cooking Slab

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Adds healthy minerals to food, a hint of salt--not a lot, naturally anti-microbial surface, extreme temperature resistance, food cures through contact. The Real Co Salt Slabs are a level above in terms of quality. They are freshly cut from the mountain, washed in the Himalayan mountain water (like a harvesting process) and selected specifically to avoid cracking, splitting and ensure a crafted, ultra smooth texture. For every 100 slabs cut, on average only 20-30 make it through the miners' strict quality control.

Great to use with. . .

Oven Cooking, Barbecue Cooking, Stovetop cooking, Marinating food, Great serving platter.

Dimensions: 12"H x 8"W x 1.5"D

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