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Vintage Owls, Sold Separately

Vintage Owls, Sold Separately

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Owls sold Separately, Please make your selection before checkout

-Hanging Ceramic Owl that holds a tea light / votive  6.75"H x 4.5"W

-Ceramic Big Eyed Owl (Has a small Chip on ear) 5.75"H x 5"W

-Clear Glass owl jars with cork lids (set) 5"H x 3"W

-Clear owl paperweight  5"H x 3"W

-Ted Arnold Owl jar with brass head  4.75"H x 3"W

-Homco Porcelain Owl on branch  5"H x 4"W

-Clay Owl  With white around eyes  3.5"H x 2"W

-Avon Snow Owl Moonwind Powder Sachet 4"H x 2"W

-Clay Owl Made in Japan 6"H x 4"W

-Clear Glass Candlestick Holder, 2 pc. 3.25"H x 2.5"W 

-Round Bronze & Black Owl with Google eyes  3"x3"

-3 Mini Pottery Owls (set)  1.5"H x 1"W

-Clay Sleepy Owl  2.5"H x 1.5"W

-Red Mill Brown Owl  4"H x 3.5"W

-3 Mini Plastic owl (one owl has chipped ear) 2"H/ 1.5"H/ 1"H



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